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Jul 28 2023    Next issue: Aug 11 2023

GSA’s new search tool for Native small biz

      The GSA has created a new search tool designed to enable buyers to search for Native American-owned small businesses offering commercial products and services in GSA Advantage!, GSA eBuy and the GSA eLibrary.

      Users can search for specific products and for socioeconomic certifications, for example.

      The search terms include Alaska Native Corporation Owned; Native Hawaiian Organization Owned; Tribally Owned; and American Indian individually-owned. The goal is to increase visibility of Native firms and the Buy Indian Act.

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GSA news release:

NASA regs comments by Aug. 14

      NASA is seeking comments by Aug. 14 on its requirement to submit a total compensation plan on certain contracts and subcontracts over $500,000. The plan would include information on proposed salaries, wages and fringe benefits.

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Fed Register notice:

Inflation adjustments for sizes & thresholds

      The SBA issued a final rule increasing receipts-based size standards by 13.65% for small businesses in 496 industries to account for inflation, among other changes. The rule became effective on July 19th.

      SBA also adjusted for inflation the economic disadvantage thresholds for the 8(a) and EDWOSB programs: Net worth was raised to $850,000, from $750,000; Adjusted Gross Income was lifted to $400,000, from $350,000; and total assets rose to $6.5 million, from $6 million.

      The dollar limit for combined total 8(a) contracts was increased to $168.5 million, from $100 million.

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Final Rule:


Inside this edition:

Small biz federal procurement reached $162.9B in FY22: SBA

Judge hits 8(a) eligibility

4Q rush to spend $217B

SBA’s 64 new rules by Dec. 31

House NDAA cuts diversity programs

House panel OKs GOP bills

CIO-SP3 until April 29, 2024

Polaris RFP update

Column: Federal Court Prohibits SBA’s Use of Rebuttable Presumption for 8(a) Program

Washington Insider:

  • GSA’s new search tool for Native small biz
  • NASA regs comments by Aug. 14
  • Inflation adjustments for sizes & thresholds

Clarification on debt default

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