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Jul 28 2023    Next issue: Aug 11 2023

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Set-Aside Alert exclusive analysis:

Small biz federal procurement reached $162.9B in FY22: SBA

Number of small business contractors shrunk by 4%

     Small business federal procurement hit an all-time high of $162.9 billion fiscal 2022, the Small Business Administration announced on July 19 in its annual Small Business Procurement Scorecard.

      That’ is $8.7 billion more than the previous year’s $154.2 billion.

      Total awards to small firms represented 26.5% of all federal procurement in fiscal 2022, exceeding the government’s 23% goal, the SBA said. However, that percentage is lower than the 27.2% level achieved in fiscal 2021.

      The number of small business federal contractors fell by 4%...more....


Next issue: Aug 11, 2023

Inside this edition:

Small biz federal procurement reached $162.9B in FY22: SBA

Judge hits 8(a) eligibility

4Q rush to spend $217B

SBA’s 64 new rules by Dec. 31

House NDAA cuts diversity programs

House panel OKs GOP bills

CIO-SP3 until April 29, 2024

Polaris RFP update

Column: Federal Court Prohibits SBA’s Use of Rebuttable Presumption for 8(a) Program

Washington Insider:

  • GSA’s new search tool for Native small biz
  • NASA regs comments by Aug. 14
  • Inflation adjustments for sizes & thresholds

Clarification on debt default

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