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Jun 23 2023    Next issue: Jul 7 2023

Clarification on Debt Default

      Set-Aside Alert’s June 9 story on spending cuts in the debt default agreement requires clarification. Here is the information:

  • The agreement keeps non-defense spending roughly at fiscal 2023 levels in fiscal 2024 with no inflation boost;
  • The agreement raises non-defense spending by 1% in fiscal 2025, again with no additional boost for inflation; and
  • The agreement provides that if Congress does not approve all 12 appropriations bills by Jan. 1, 2024, there will be an automatic 1% reduction in discretionary spending for fiscal 2024.

More information:
06-09-23 Issue: Click to view


Inside this edition:

Changes to MAS RFP in July

Many GSA Interact industry pages not regularly updated

Many HUBZones expiring July 1

Syed OK’d as deputy admin

GSA’s look at FY2022 small biz procurements

New disability forms July 25

Warning on audit schedule

Column: Get Ready! Enhanced Cybersecurity Standards for Federal Contractors Coming Soon

Washington Insider:

  • GSA’s new regional administrators
  • Buy American update
  • HSBC website redo highlights activities

Clarification on debt default

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