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Jul 28 2023    Next issue: Aug 11 2023

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Small biz federal procurement reached $162.9B in FY22: SBA

Number of small business contractors shrunk by 4%

      Small business federal procurement hit an all-time high of $162.9 billion fiscal 2022, the Small Business Administration announced on July 19 in its annual Small Business Procurement Scorecard.

      That’ is $8.7 billion more than the previous year’s $154.2 billion.

      Total awards to small firms represented 26.5% of all federal procurement in fiscal 2022, exceeding the government’s 23% goal, the SBA said. However, that percentage is lower than the 27.2% level achieved in fiscal 2021.

      The number of small business federal contractors fell by 4%, from 65,428 in fiscal 2021 to 62,670 in fiscal 2022.

      In related findings, SBA announced:

     --SDB (Small Disadvantaged Business) procurement totaled $69.9 billion, and exceeded its 11% goal by reaching 11.4% in fiscal 2022;

  • SDVOSB (Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business) obligations hit $28.1 billion in fiscal 2022, an increase of $3.1 billion from the previous year. It amounted to 4.6% of all federal procurements, exceeding the 3% goal;
  • WOSBs (Women-Owned Small Businesses) also won $28.1 billion in contracts in fiscal 2022, up from $26.2 billion the year before. The 2022 contracts came to 4.6% of all federal procurements, falling short of the 5% goal. The last time WOSB procurements met the goal was in fiscal 2019, at 5.2%.

          The SBA also noted that WOSB set-aside awards totaled $1.56 billion in fiscal 2022, which was a 17% increase over the year before;

  • HUBZone small businesses received $16.3 billion in contracts in fiscal 2022, an increase of $2 billion from the year before. The HUBZone procurements totaled 2.7%, failing to meet the 3% goal. The HUBZone procurement goal has not been met for more than a decade.
  • Small biz contractor numbers: The total number of federal contractors declined overall, but the number of SDBs rose to 23,260, from 23,239, in fiscal 2022. In all other categories, the number of small firms dropped:

    • WOSB numbers decreased to 12,987, from 13,311;

    • SDVOSB numbers fell from 5,479 to 5,341; and

    • HUBZone firms numbered 2,849 in fiscal 2021, reduced to 2,750 in fiscal 2022.

          SBA Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman outlined several Biden Administration initiatives she said contributed to the overall increase in small business awards.

          Those initiatives included creating the Supplier Base Dashboard, as well as directing agencies to include progress toward small business goal achievement as performance evaluation criteria for Senior Executive Service managers overseeing acquisition.

          “We have championed initiatives to fuel our nation’s historic economic growth while reducing barriers and ensuring fair competition in federal contracting,” Guzman said.

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